Friday, July 22, 2011

Without my camera (a new one is on the way, thanks to my bestie TW) I've had to resort to my photographs of Arrow when he was still a puppy. I had a hard time choosing images for this post, because of course I think most of his photos are really funny. And I laughed out loud looking at these ones again. He is just such a kooky dog. And now looking back at the photos of him as a young puppy, I can see him doing things that he now does ALL the time, but back then they were quirks. Now they're just his personality.

For instance, Arrow loves cliffs, or heights. He loves to walk right up to edge of high points and look down, with no fear. I can guarantee you, if we're on a hike, Arrow insists on walking on the edge of the trail, or he tries to climb down some precipice. And at home he likes to stand on top of things to see whats below. I'm not sure if that's a vizsla trait, or if he's just good at surveying the situation, but I feel like all the vizslas that I've met are all climbers, so my guess is the former.

Once Arrow is up, at least up on a person, he tends to flop. Which I love. And these images show that fairly well, I think. Arrow is such a flopper. It's like he is so tough and strong on the way up, and then he becomes such a softie and just gives in to the flop. Whole-heartedly.

I wonder if his neck hurts or if he's straining, but he seams happy as a clam. But he just wants to look down at whats below... It always makes me chuckle.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Last weekend Arrow and I went to watch Karen, Mila, and Seger at Long Beach. While Arrow didn't show (he's not quite ready, you should have seen Karen try to stack Arrow.... it was impossible) he did enjoy seeing Mila and Seger. Actually "enjoy" is an understatement... He LOVED it. The pups have to know they're related, right? I mean.... they have to.... ?

Arrow really wanted to play with Seger some more right before the show and he lay there looking at Seger through the crate, touching noses. It was too cute.

Arrow was really great at the show. I thought he'd be pulling and barking just wanting to play with everyone and anyone, but he sat and lay down right next to me while the pups performed. He was able to get a few good licks off a little 5 years old girl, but that was about it.

Afterwards we went to a friends house with a pool. Arrow's getting more curious and more courageous around deeper water and you can tell he's itching to go in, but can't quite make the leap. He loves streams... but a big blue pool weirds him out a little. He tends to get in about up to his belly then backs out or runs around the edge feverishly and half trying to jump in. I didn't have my bathing suit with me, so I just played with him at the steps and watched him run around, and then I watched him fall into the deep end and sink. Not quite like a stone, but kind of like a half-bouyant log.... so I jumped in after him and helped the little guy out. And we shook off the water and he went running right back to the shallow end and tried to get in again! No fear! My little trooper :)

And then I relized that my camera was in the back pocket of my skirt. The image of Arrow in the pool was the last image my camera took.

R.I.P. you great little point and shoot. I will miss you.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

I think I waited until the hottest day so far this year to start this blog about Arrow. It is so so so very hot. Awfully hot. I can barely get any work done, and Arrow also seems too hot to pester me as I write this. Often he gets annoyed when I'm on the computer and not paying attention to him, but the heat has made him lazy and more accepting. Right how he's lying next to me and cooling his belly on the concrete floor.

If we had a pool I'd be in it. And Arrow, who has been in a pool a few times but doesn't quite get it, I bet would join me, eventually. I know he loves water; some of our regular walks involve streams and waterfalls and he goes mad at the sight and sound of moving water. But he's not quite there with the pool. So today I gave him a bucket of water to play with. Tomorrow I think I will drive to Toys R Us and get a kiddie swimming pool... cause why not?